Factoring Odds – Why This Strategy Is Essential In Rummikub

There is a striking difference between the Rummikub player who uses strategy and the one who prefers to let Lady Luck do the work. While a dependency on luck may introduce you to a few fun games and maybe the occasional win, you’d best learn strategy before deciding to venture out and play more competitively. But learning strategy without a frame of reference is impossible. That’s why you must actually play the game before you think about adding in complexities. Luckily, there are quite a few choices for you to get started.

First of all, determine the style of Rummikub you will be playing. American, Sabra, and International, are the three most common types. American is probably the most common among the three. It is definitely more like regular rummy, and it is also easy to pick up and play. For those starting out, it is the recommended style to indulge.

Sabra Rummikub is still simple to learn, but it adds the challenge of time to its expectations. Players must make lightning quick moves in order to stay in the game. International Rummikub is the most advanced of the styles. It offers players a variety of winning combinations to keep things interesting from the beginning to end.

Still, there is one other option, which you may not have thought of, and that is playing Rummikub online. Rummikub online helps you build a quick understanding of the game through more in-depth tutorials and more rapid succession for repeating games and developing how the rules of the game fall into place. You can also learn insider tips and tricks from the players that you will meet along the way, so remember to play nice.

One of the most important keys to remember regarding which style of game you are playing lies in knowing the odds of what lay beyond the tiles you hold. As melds are created and the game progresses, it becomes easier to figure the odds and learn whether or not you will have a fighting chance right down to the end. Following a deal, you will not know which tiles are available. All you have access to are the 14 you’re dealt. But following the first draw, you know that you’ve a 1 in 46 chance of victory no matter how many are in your game. Keep close watch on the drawing pile.

Observe which tiles are taken from that and the discard pile, as these are the two areas that most affect your chances of winning. From there, it is a simple matter of understanding the rules and keeping your head in the action and your calculations accurate with respect to the remainder of tiles. Before you know it, you’ll go from American to International in no time.

Virtonomics Guide – 4 Important Things You Need To Know About Work Efficiency

In this Virtonomics guide, I will walk through with you on one of the most important elements of Virtonomics – Work Efficiency. This is, in my opinion, the most important element you must master in Virtonomics if you not only want to survive in it, but also to excel in it. I will cover 4 very important topics in this article:

#1 – What is Work Efficiency?

Work efficiency defines how efficient a subdivision is. If it is at 100%, it means that the subdivision is operating at 100% work efficiency; similarly, if it is at 50%, it means the subdivision is only operating at 50% efficiency. This means that if a factory is operating at 50% efficiency, the production output is reduced to half!

As you can see, if work efficiency for your subdivisions is not managed properly, it could mean a difference between profit or a huge plunge of losses. This is especially important as an overlook in your factory production’s work efficiency could result in a disruption in your Production Chain and many retail stores down the line could be affected by it, and the recovery process can be disastrous as it will take quite a substantial amount of time. If you did not have a Business Continuity Plan in place, surely your earnings will be upset.

Before touching on the calculations of work efficiency, allow me to explain what Qualification is in Virtonomics, and how it will affect our calculations.

#2 – What is Qualification and how does it affect me?

If you are familiar with gaming, qualification in Virtonomics can be translated to “Level”. That is, you will need to gain enough experience points to ‘level up’, during which you will be able to cope with a bigger production load (Production Qualification), or a bigger retail store (Commerce Qualification). As long as the relevant track is utilized properly, experience points can be gained.

All in all, there are 8 qualifications available for you to level up with. I will cover more on Qualifications in a separate article, such as Top Manager Type 1 – 3, how to achieve maximum qualification growth rate, etc, as there is quite a substantial amount of information. For now, this information is more than sufficient for the calculations that I will be covering.

#3 – How is Work Efficiency Calculated?

First of all, you will need to refer to the work efficiency charts that I have uploaded. Next, note that the formula to calculate the required Qualification to establish 100% efficiency is as follows: (Quality of Staff needed * ((current staff / left column of the chart) ^ 0.5)). For example, if the minimum quality of staff needed is 3, how many staff can I hire to achieve 100% efficiency if my Qualification is level 1?

In this case: 3 * (5 / 50) ^ 0.5 = ~Q1. You know that you can hire 5 staff.

The formula might seem a little intimidating for starters, but be rest assured, you will get a hang of it in no time! Also, please note that the formula is derived empirically after countless attempts of experimentations. Hence it should not be used for actual data. However, the formula’s accuracy is only about +-1% off, but has already proven to be very effective among the Virtonomics community. I personally have been using this calculations, and have not faced any problems in any form of misrepresentations of data.

#4 – Usage in Practical Scenarios

And as you can see, Qualification plays a very important part in calculating the work efficiency. If you had hired more than 5 staff, your required qualification would exceed Q1, which results in a drop in the efficiency. However, sometimes it could be a good thing to sacrifice a little on the work efficiency for higher sales return. Referring to the previous example, if you had expanded your shop and hired 10 staff instead, you would actually experience an increased sales volume due to the additional customers instead, despite having lower work efficiency! So go ahead and experiment the right setup for you!

Another thing to take note is that the work efficiency in your office affects all the work efficiency of its subdivision. So always pay attention to your main office first!

Instructions on How to Play Greyhound Tycoon

Dogs are lovable pets and they enjoy running around the field. Greyhound Tycoon is a free flash game that will let you have a virtual pet that you can train and achieve the title of being the best trainer on the first division. You main task is to improve your dog’s Speed, Endurance, Mood and Health through various means.

The Speed and Endurance of your pet can be improved through training at the Race Track which can be manually done by you or simply hire a Trainer. Hiring a personal trainer is the best way to go but it comes with some cost on your part. Anyway, you can always work or win every racing competition to obtain money on your account.

There are three available jobs that you can perform to obtain some additional cash. You can work at the Petting Zoo which will reward you with a worth of $250 for five hours. The other two is the Advertising Agency and the Stud where the amount of payment depends on how high the fame of your dog has already achieved.

If you badly need some cash then the Loan Shark business is always available where you can borrow some amount of money provided that you will be able to pay it at the end of the week. Take note that failing to pay your bills twice will result on the game to be over.

Moreover, focusing on trying to improve your dog’s abilities other the generating a huge amount of money is the key on becoming one of the best dog trainer. The amount that you will be receiving from the price contest is already good enough to buy the accessories needed by your pet. Placing a bet is only suggested when your dog has managed to have two consecutive wins on the race.

How to Get a Divine Inspiration – A Kingdoms of Camelot Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot is a challenging, multiplayer game that takes place in the age of King Arthur. You may build cities, grow fields, raise armies and join alliances of other players. The application developers did a very nice job of creating tutorials for new players in the form of “walk-through” quests.

You can raise all of your buildings, walls, and field resources to level nine as long as you have the resources to build them; however, you may raise them to level ten if you are lucky enough to find a Divine Inspiration. This rare item can only be gathered a few ways..

First, you may win it through the Merlin’s Magic Tokens. You should expect a 1% chance of success in getting this rare item through the tokens. Second, you can buy gems. You may redeem gems for a Divine Inspiration, or a chest containing several of them.

Once you have a Divine Inspiration, you must make a choice on how to use it. There are a few buildings that will benefit you and your alliance greatly if you upgrade them first. Upgrading your castle will help your resource gathering and production. Upgrading the Alchemy Lab will give you research benefits. Upgrading your walls will give you extra defense if you are engaged in PvP action.

Make sure you join an alliance early in the game. Not only will you meet other players, you will be able to help them research and building. That, in turn, will give you a daily chance to participate in Merlin’s Magic Tokens.

Good Luck!

Psychological Benefits of Playing Online Games

Nowadays, the popularity of online games is on the rise. Today, the advent of technology, especially the internet has allowed gamers to play traditional games on the latest devices, such as mobile phones and computers. Online games offer a lot of benefits, such as reduced stress, enhanced judgment, improved analytical skills, improved time-management skills, and a relaxing mind. Let’s get a deeper insight into some psychological benefits that you can enjoy by playing games on the internet.

Stress Relief

According to research studies, if you play online card games, you can enjoy a lot of psychological benefits. For example, regular players of these games reported a reduction in their stress levels. Aside from this, card games also help you relax and stay free of worries.

Skill Development

Playing card games with your family and friends can help you improve your analytical skills, concentration, and memory skills. The reason is that many games include strategy and money, which require attentiveness and concentration.

Actually, card games involve interpersonal and cognitive skills that can help you keep your brain active and fit.

Staying Engaged

Although online games rely on your short term memory, playing the games can improve your important skills as well as long term memory. If you follow the same routine always, you may suffer from boredom and mental stagnation. By playing games online, you can fill up this gap and keep yourself occupied.

Although there is a lack of social interaction and conversation, playing these games can help you improve your focus and concentration.


Today we know that teamwork and communication are quite important in every field of business. Online games provide players with an incentive to communicate with each other during a game. And this improves their interaction with each other. This is good news for introverts and allows them to get in touch with each other through these simple games.


These games are a great source of convenience and entertainment. You can play these games anytime, anywhere and using any of the various internet-enabled devices such as mobile phones and tablet PCs. You can choose from a lot of games based on your needs and preferences.

Aside from this, online games involve competition and provide rewards and a lot of other benefits such as everyday jackpots, festive Bonanzas, and reward points. Therefore, there’s always something that you can look forward to. Often, online portals have practice games and video tutorials to assist beginners and newcomers. This way they can improve their skills.

This type of platform features user-friendly, customer support, encryption-based security and a lot of other features and benefits. Therefore online games are quite pleasurable.

In short, online games can help you to improve your problem solving and leadership skills. This way you are in a better position to deal with unexpected consequences. Besides, they can help you improve many of your skills such as concentration, alertness, intuitiveness, and observation. If you have a busy life, you can play these games to find relief from stress and develop your major social skills.

Useful Ideas For Learning Forex Trading

Many traders make careless decisions when they start making money based upon greed and excitement. Consequently, not having enough confidence can also cause you to lose money. Work hard to maintain control of your emotions and only act once you have all of the facts – never act based on your feelings.

As shown in the beginning of this article, there is a huge opportunity for success for Forex traders. While learning, you will need all the reliable information that you can get to avoid any problems. Use the advice in this article to keep you out of trouble, while you are learning.

The best advice to a trader on the Forex market is not to quit. You will undoubtedly run into a rough patch eventually, but don’t let it get you down. What differentiates profitable traders from unprofitable ones is hard work and perseverance. Sometimes it is hard to see around corners, but even the darkest of situations can turn around.

With this knowledge you can be more confident entering the Forex Robots market. You know much more than you did before. Hopefully you have found the tips in this article useful and were able to use them to get you started trading on the Forex market. Before long, you will be trading as a professional.

Consider other traders’ advice, but don’t substitute their judgment for your own. It is important to listen to the opinions of others and consider them, but ultimately you should make the decisions concerning your investments.

Never pick a time-frame in which to trade that will not work for you. You must be attentive to your Forex and should never do it when you do not have the time to spend. This is when mistakes are made.

Does currency trading sound interesting to you? Now is the best time to do it! While you may wonder how to get started, you shouldn’t; this article will provide you with all the necessary information. Here are some great tips for your Forex goals.

Supplemental income can help make ends meet in tough economic times. Millions of people want financial relief. If you have been thinking that Forex may be the way to supplement your income, here are some things you should know first.

It may seem like it is you against the world sometimes when it comes to dealing with Forex trading. With the vast amount of information available online, it can be nearly overwhelming at first. This article will provide much helpful information for you to get started on the right path.

Network with other Forex traders. By joining some Forex Trading Forums, you can start to have discussions with other Forex traders who can share expertise, tips and tricks with you. Make sure that you do not waste other people’s time by asking questions that could be answered by conducting a simple internet search.

Don’t think that you’re going to go into Forex trading without any knowledge or experience and immediately see the profits rolling in. You are not going to become an expert trader overnight. The chances that you will accidentally stumble upon a previously unknown, yet winning trading technique are minuscule. Know best practices and use them.

The wise trader has a plan in place before he or she gets into the Forex market. Codifying expectations can help the trader determine whether or not they are getting what they want out of the Forex market. With a pre-set goal, a well-prepared trader can better determine if their efforts on Forex are effective or not.

A great tip for Forex trading is to work smart, not hard. To be successful at trading you need to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. It isn’t about how hard you work or how many hours you put in.

When investing using Forex you should not use any money that is part of your typical budget. The last thing you want is to end up in the red when you are intending to invest and make some sort of profit. This will ensure that you can never lose, and can only gain.

If you are interested in finding new ways to invest some extra money you may have, consider the Forex market. There are many available charts, news and research websites that can offer tips and tutorials on how to get started, and invest successfully. Speculating on the fluctuation of foreign currencies can be very profitable.

Learn the difference between gambling and trading, to protect yourself. The Forex market can be dangerous for those with predilections towards gambling and addictive behavior. Learn the warning signs of a gambling problem like mood swings, obsession with the market and an inability to control your behavior. If you see these patterns stop trading and get some help.

Joana’s Power Leveling Guide

Why do people want to power level in Warcraft? The reasons can vary. Some people have already leveled to the top before and don’t want to go through all the grind again on a new character. Some may want to make a business out of power leveling whilst others just want to get that epic mount or tier 5 gear without having to go through the long tedious process of leveling.

If you fit into any one of the above categories, then fortunately there is a guide that has been released unlike any other on the internet, and that is Joana’s Power leveling Guide. The guide is designed specifically for horde players who want to level by the quickest possible means.

Joana’s guide comes full of videos and tutorials on the exact step by step process that you must undertake to power level yourself to level 70 utilizing the quickest possible means. It contains a wealth of information and answers to any questions that you may have during the course of your power leveling journeys. The best thing is, is that the guide tells you exactly what to do. There is no guess work involved, it is entirely “idiot proof” so to speak. Even an absolute newbie will be able to follow the simple step by step instructions as set out in this guide.

Joana also shows videos of how she reaches level 60 in just under 5 days! That is quite an amazing feat and she shows you exactly how she does it! You cannot get any more “hands on” than that. Of course she does not leave you there, she also shows you the quickest possible means to get to level 70 after that. This is in addition to the standard material in the guide!

The best thing about the guide is that it doesn’t tell you to just grind at one spot here or there. It actually engages you in quests and walks you through the quickest means of completing them. The power leveling, believe it or not, is actually fun! Before anything seems repetitive you’re already off onto the next level bracket doing new things.

Having fun whilst getting to level 70 quickly is certainly something that no other warcraft guide out there offers. Others will give you boring instructions such as “kill x monsters for 5 levels”. Not only will this take you forever, it will also be insanely boring! This is not however the case with Joana’s Power leveling Guide. This guide offers you real resources and instructions on how to level up a horde character the quickest possible way whilst having fun!

I will tell you now though that you should not use this guide if you’re interested in discovering the game yourself and exploring it via your own means and taking your time leveling up. This guide is designed and recommended only for people who are serious about getting to level 70 quickly.

Note that this guide is designed for horde players.

SC2 Map Editor Basics – 5 FAQs About The Starcraft 2 Galaxy Map Editor

Want to learn SC2 map editor basics? There is no question that the Starcraft 2 galaxy map editor is complicated. In fact, many players say that they have no idea what to do with a map editor.

If you want to master Starcraft 2, understanding and using maps is extremely important. In fact, if you don’t take the time to learn how to build maps and find out how to read or interpret the information, you will not make much progress in the Starcraft 2 universe.

This article is a first in a series of Starcraft 2 galaxy map editor tutorials aimed at new players. The key is to get comfortable with the basics. Here a quick look at some frequently asked questions.

What is the Starcraft 2 Galaxy Map Editor?

The Galaxy Map Editor is the map editor for SC2. The map editor allows players to create their own scenarios and maps. In other words, it is a mapmaking tool.

Mapmaking requires gamers to create user-made maps for games. In the case of Starcraft 2, players need to come to grips with the bells and whistles of the editor if they want to create challenging maps.

What features are available in the map editor?

The editor includes many features but some of the most interesting ones are:

  • Numerous Terrain options such as wasteland, twilight, jungle and desert tile sets.
  • Map makers can define numerous options for heroes and units.
  • Custom races are fully supported and “wrap-around” maps can also be built
  • Players can turn on and off weather effects with triggers.

What tasks will I have to learn to make a good Starcraft 2 map?

To create maps, it is essential that you become familiar with:




-Map programming


What’s the best way for newbies to learn how to build maps?

The best way to learn how to build Starcraft 2 maps is to go into the map database and see how other players made their maps.

Another way to learn is to open the editor and start playing around with the options and drop down menus to see what is there. In other words poke around under the hood and see what’s there.

Dozens and dozens of options exist but if you are completely new to the concept of mapbuilding then just edit the default structures and units. For example, use the default melee maps as a “terrain template” Once you feel comfortable with that task then start learning how create a map from scratch.

What steps or order should be used to build up a map?

There are several different orders that players use. One common order is to:

-Select your terrain

-Set your ground, then add smaller things to the environment, e.g., mountains, cliffs, hills, and valleys

-Use triggers to make something happen in response to something else

-Use a step-by-step guide that shows you how to use the galaxy editor

What are two things to look for on a map when assessing your opponent’s strategy?

There are several things to consider or determine before you jump into a match. One tip is to determine the size of the map. Some maps are large and have long ground travel times while others are small which means rush distances are short. Size things up and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Another tip is figure out where are the choke points. All maps have choke points very near the starting position but you need to figure out where the other chokes are on the map. Why? Chokes can be used to your advantage and you can avoid activity near them if you don’t have your units protected.Want to learn SC2 map editor basics?

As you can tell, there is no doubt that the Starcraft 2 galaxy map editor is complex. The key to creating good maps and understanding what you are doing is to continue to study tutorials related to SC2 map editor basics.

Four Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail to Grow

Running a small business requires superior problem- solving and an ability to look at the bigger picture. Aside from ensuring that your business turns a profit on a regular basis, you also need to be concerned with your own financial health over the long-term. That includes having a strategy in place for building wealth, so you can enjoy a comfortable retirement once the time comes to hand over the reins of your business to someone else. As an entrepreneur, there are certain hurdles you should be prepared for that can hinder your ability to create wealth. (For a detailed rundown, see? Investigator’s tutorial Starting a Small Business.) Here are four important challenges small business owners face.

1. Too Much Business Debt

Getting a small business off the ground typically requires a certain amount of cash. Taking out a term loan from a bank or a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan may be the answer, if you don’t have sizable savings you can tap into. With a 7 SBA loan, for example, it’s possible to borrow up to $5 million to establish a new business.

Even if you don’t need a loan to get started, that doesn’t mean your business will – or should remain debt-free. For instance, you may decide to open a business credit card to earn rewards on day-to-day expenses or take a merchant cash advance to help cover your cash flow during slower periods. Or you may want to borrow to expand, especially if the business is doing well. While credit cards, advances and loans can be invaluable to keeping the business running, their convenience comes at a cost.

If a substantial part of your business’ revenue is going toward repaying its debts, that leaves less income to devote to growth. It also leaves you, as the business owner, less money to funnel into a solo 401(k), SEP IRA or similar qualified retirement plan to ensure your own future. While the interest on a small business loan, the payments themselves are not. Paying down your business debts allows you to redirect funds toward your retirement or a taxable brokerage account instead.

2. An Inefficient Tax Strategy

As a small business owner, filing and paying taxes may be one of the most unpleasant tasks on your to-do list, but it’s a necessity. If you’re not taking advantage of every available tax break, your wealth without even realizing it. There are a number of tax credits deductions that you can claim on your business or personal tax return? An expense must be deemed both ordinary and necessary. This means the expense must be something that’s commonly associated with the type of business you own and directly connected to its operation.

When you don’t take the time to maximize every possible tax advantage, the result is an overly large tax payment. Hiring an accountant to manage your filing may increase your business expenses slightly, but it can also help to minimize your tax liability. In terms of building wealth, the long-term benefit can easily outweigh the cost.

3. Lack of Diversification

Being a business owner requires a certain amount of juggling, and you simply may not have time to pay as much attention to your investments as you’d like. The size of your assets affects your overall financial standing, including how banks see you, especially if you’re a sole proprietor. Investing in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, eliminates the hassle of trying to put together a well-rounded portfolio, but it can be problematic if the funds you’re purchasing hold the same underlying securities.

Business owners can also run into issues if they’re not rebalancing periodically. This is vital to ensure that you’re maintaining the right asset allocation, based on your investment goals and risk tolerance. If you don’t rebalance regularly, you could end up with a portfolio that’s either too aggressive or too conservative. At one end of the scale, you run the risk of losing money by gambling too heavily on stocks. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you risk limiting your earnings potential if you’re playing it safe with an abundance of bonds. Either way you’re putting your future returns in jeopardy by not paying attention to the level of diversification in your portfolio.

4. External Risks

Aside from managing market risk, you also need to be cautious about insulating yourself and your business from threats that may arise in other areas. For instance, what would happen to the business if you were to become ill and could no longer oversee its operation? How would your business and personal assets be protected if your business became the target of a lawsuit? What would you do if your business was damaged by a hurricane or other natural disaster?

These are the kinds of questions small business owners must consider, because although such scenarios may seem unlikely, they can have a substantial impact on how you grow wealth. Choosing the appropriate business structure is an important step in minimizing liability, but you should also be proactive in reviewing your business and personal insurance coverage to ensure that you’re protected against every possibility.