SC2 Map Editor Basics – 5 FAQs About The Starcraft 2 Galaxy Map Editor

Want to learn SC2 map editor basics? There is no question that the Starcraft 2 galaxy map editor is complicated. In fact, many players say that they have no idea what to do with a map editor.

If you want to master Starcraft 2, understanding and using maps is extremely important. In fact, if you don’t take the time to learn how to build maps and find out how to read or interpret the information, you will not make much progress in the Starcraft 2 universe.

This article is a first in a series of Starcraft 2 galaxy map editor tutorials aimed at new players. The key is to get comfortable with the basics. Here a quick look at some frequently asked questions.

What is the Starcraft 2 Galaxy Map Editor?

The Galaxy Map Editor is the map editor for SC2. The map editor allows players to create their own scenarios and maps. In other words, it is a mapmaking tool.

Mapmaking requires gamers to create user-made maps for games. In the case of Starcraft 2, players need to come to grips with the bells and whistles of the editor if they want to create challenging maps.

What features are available in the map editor?

The editor includes many features but some of the most interesting ones are:

  • Numerous Terrain options such as wasteland, twilight, jungle and desert tile sets.
  • Map makers can define numerous options for heroes and units.
  • Custom races are fully supported and “wrap-around” maps can also be built
  • Players can turn on and off weather effects with triggers.

What tasks will I have to learn to make a good Starcraft 2 map?

To create maps, it is essential that you become familiar with:




-Map programming


What’s the best way for newbies to learn how to build maps?

The best way to learn how to build Starcraft 2 maps is to go into the map database and see how other players made their maps.

Another way to learn is to open the editor and start playing around with the options and drop down menus to see what is there. In other words poke around under the hood and see what’s there.

Dozens and dozens of options exist but if you are completely new to the concept of mapbuilding then just edit the default structures and units. For example, use the default melee maps as a “terrain template” Once you feel comfortable with that task then start learning how create a map from scratch.

What steps or order should be used to build up a map?

There are several different orders that players use. One common order is to:

-Select your terrain

-Set your ground, then add smaller things to the environment, e.g., mountains, cliffs, hills, and valleys

-Use triggers to make something happen in response to something else

-Use a step-by-step guide that shows you how to use the galaxy editor

What are two things to look for on a map when assessing your opponent’s strategy?

There are several things to consider or determine before you jump into a match. One tip is to determine the size of the map. Some maps are large and have long ground travel times while others are small which means rush distances are short. Size things up and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Another tip is figure out where are the choke points. All maps have choke points very near the starting position but you need to figure out where the other chokes are on the map. Why? Chokes can be used to your advantage and you can avoid activity near them if you don’t have your units protected.Want to learn SC2 map editor basics?

As you can tell, there is no doubt that the Starcraft 2 galaxy map editor is complex. The key to creating good maps and understanding what you are doing is to continue to study tutorials related to SC2 map editor basics.

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