Joana’s Power Leveling Guide

Why do people want to power level in Warcraft? The reasons can vary. Some people have already leveled to the top before and don’t want to go through all the grind again on a new character. Some may want to make a business out of power leveling whilst others just want to get that epic mount or tier 5 gear without having to go through the long tedious process of leveling.

If you fit into any one of the above categories, then fortunately there is a guide that has been released unlike any other on the internet, and that is Joana’s Power leveling Guide. The guide is designed specifically for horde players who want to level by the quickest possible means.

Joana’s guide comes full of videos and tutorials on the exact step by step process that you must undertake to power level yourself to level 70 utilizing the quickest possible means. It contains a wealth of information and answers to any questions that you may have during the course of your power leveling journeys. The best thing is, is that the guide tells you exactly what to do. There is no guess work involved, it is entirely “idiot proof” so to speak. Even an absolute newbie will be able to follow the simple step by step instructions as set out in this guide.

Joana also shows videos of how she reaches level 60 in just under 5 days! That is quite an amazing feat and she shows you exactly how she does it! You cannot get any more “hands on” than that. Of course she does not leave you there, she also shows you the quickest possible means to get to level 70 after that. This is in addition to the standard material in the guide!

The best thing about the guide is that it doesn’t tell you to just grind at one spot here or there. It actually engages you in quests and walks you through the quickest means of completing them. The power leveling, believe it or not, is actually fun! Before anything seems repetitive you’re already off onto the next level bracket doing new things.

Having fun whilst getting to level 70 quickly is certainly something that no other warcraft guide out there offers. Others will give you boring instructions such as “kill x monsters for 5 levels”. Not only will this take you forever, it will also be insanely boring! This is not however the case with Joana’s Power leveling Guide. This guide offers you real resources and instructions on how to level up a horde character the quickest possible way whilst having fun!

I will tell you now though that you should not use this guide if you’re interested in discovering the game yourself and exploring it via your own means and taking your time leveling up. This guide is designed and recommended only for people who are serious about getting to level 70 quickly.

Note that this guide is designed for horde players.