Keybind WoW Program – 4 Things I Love About This Type of Keybinding and Macro Tool

Are you aware of the importance of your WoW keybinding? Well, I have to inform you that your gear and your talent build is far from being as important as this. If you don’t use a balanced keybinding for your character, you will simply suck. As I become aware of this aspect, to save time I started to work with a keybind WoW addon.

A piece of software like this has opened new doors for me in the game. So, I’m going to outline here a few aspects that I just love about it.

1. Contains all the keybindings of the elite WoW players.

There’s only one, maximum two optimal and balanced keybindings that you can use for a certain class, on a certain spec. All WoW elite players use that particular key configuration, because there isn’t any other that allows you to play your character at maximum. A keybind WoW program has a full database of top-class keybindings that will maximize your efficiency in any raid or arena match.

2. Contains all the macros of the elite WoW players.

You can’t play a World of Warcraft character without macros. However, some of them require quite some programming skills to write. Also, there are macros that you haven’t even dreamed about, that will simplify your gameplay so much, that will make the gameplay even of the hardest specs, a walk in the park.

3. The core framework allows for similar abilities (regardless of class) to be binded to similar keys.

This means that if you have 3-4 characters, you’ll have a keybinding for each one of them that is similar, although the abilities are completely different. Abilities with similar importance or similar cooldown will be fit on the same keys, so that your gameplay for each one of them will be easier and without changing the pattern of actions too much.

4. It’s completely automatic.

It sucks to waste 2-3 hours of your precious time in search for a decent key configuration, or a tutorial to build a macro, that eventually won’t work. A keybind WoW program will load them up into your UI in just a few clicks. This way, the only time you’ll waste is getting accustomed with the new configuration. The next step will be to… kick ass!


Since we agreed that a balanced keybinding is the key to a maximized gamepley of any WoW toon, why bother searching for the proper keybinding for your spec? You can play like the pros, loading up the keybinds of elite players, using a great keybinding WoW tool.